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Rust Bullet ®
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Rust Bullet ®

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Rust Bullet® Inhibitive Coating
The Ultimate Solution Against Rust & Corrosion


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Rust Bullet® is a high performance single component rust inhibitive coating which provides superior protection not only to metals, but also wood, concrete and other substrates. It has two United States patents which make it not an ordinary rust inhibitive coating, but far more than that, and even stands out from the traditional rust encapsulation or rust conversion technology. As a single component hybrid-moisture cure urethane coating, it does not form a film immediately after application, but rather penetrates all the way down the to the metal surface to combine the rust with the coating and than forms a hard solid surface after curing and protects the material from the attach of chemical and oxidation. It is also strong weather resistance in all climates and below sea water. It's patented technologies are highly regarded as the most efficient and effective rust proofing method currently available in the market. It is the most cost effective rust inhibitve product and is also simple to apply and maintain than other rust coating products or even epoxy coatings.

Most rust coating products available in the market employ traditional technologies like rust conversion. This kind of technology can only provide a very short-term and incomplete rust or corrosion protection, simply does not work at all. Rust Bullet's high profile technology is not rust conversion, make no confusion. It's unique patented formula enables the coating to dehydrate the existing rust and making it becomes solid again and then forms a nearly indestructible surface after the second coating or subsequent coats. Meanwhile, as a single component coating, no activators or catalyst is required. Unlike other rust coatings, Rust Bullet requires little or no surface preparation. It's unique design allows direct application onto clean or rusted surface and application can be done by non-professional applicators with a roller, brush or spray equipment. Finally, Rust Bullet is a one-step rust inhibitive coating that actually works to protect rust and corrosion on metal and many other substrates.


    Green Technology

Effective materials management keeps waste out of landfills and prevents the impacts associated with the extraction of raw materials. Extending the life of landfills reduces the pace at which new ones must be sited, along with the very significant costs associated with sitting landfills and long term maintenance and operations, closure, and monitoring. Rust Bullet® prolongs the life span of materials, and thus reduces the burden to landfills and is highly cost effective in the long run.

Rust Bullet® contains no zinc, no chromates, no acids, no heavy metals and complies with Volatile  Organic Compound (VOC) limits  regulated by the Environmental  Protection Agency and the  more stringent regulations of  the state of California.

Water held in a container coated with Rust Bullet was tested for portability after 30 days and then again after 120 days and met the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) primary and secondary drinking water standards. Rust Bullet effectively encapsulates mold and other bio -hazards directly reducing labor costs.




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Depoe Bay Waste Water
 Treatment Plant

McCain Foods PTY LTD, South Africa

Dairy Goat Farm

Delhi Metro Rail

Bremen Express

Porter Locomotive

Air Traffic Control Tower


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What Is Corrosion?

Corrosion is the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment. The term corrosion is also applied to the degradation of plastic, wood and concrete, but generally refers to metal. The most widely used metals are iron and steel. ........

Where Rust Bullet can be used?

Rust Bullet protects iron, steel and all other metals. It also provides excellent protection for concrete, wood, fiberglass and many other surfaces. It is resistant to acid splash and chemical solvents. Rust Bullet applies directly over rusty and clean surfaces providing permanent corrosion protect with phenomenal adhesion. ........

Benefits of Using Rust Bullet

-Home improvement with Rust Bullet can increase or keep the value of
  your property.    
-A much longer life for the equipments.
-A safer equipment.
-A better looking equipment.
-Higher re-sell value.
-A better functional equipment.
-Reduce maintenance cost.
-To protect our environment by prolonging the life span of  materials.

........ and much more


New Patented Technology

-Two United States Patents.
-Scientifically proven to be the best.
-Applies directly over rust.
-Little or No preparations required.
-One Step, Two coats.
-Brush, Roll or Spray on.
-No Topcoat needed.



Notice Board

Attention Customers:

The Application Guideline as provided by Rust Bullet, LLC is only a general guideline for application. Based on our own in-house observations and application experience, there are various other factors that may affect the result of the coating due to the characteristics of the Rust Bullet products.

As our company is a corrosion consultant and coating technologies based operation. We are just a distributor of Rust Bullet products. We have no knowledge of the technical aspects of Rust Bullet products. For technical inquiries regarding Rust Bullet products, please consult Rust Bullet, LLC.
However, we will still provide support to customers who purchased Rust Bullet products from us, with our knowledge and experience. An order no. is required for each support inquiry.



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