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 Benefits of Using Rust Bullet

Residential Home

Appling Rust Bullet on the wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, garage door and floor, basement floor and wall, cold cellar floor and wall, the concrete foundation portion above ground, wooden bay windows ..etc, it will keep them all in good and tidy look, protect them from corrosion and cracking, save your yearly maintenance cost and time, and definitely increase or keep the value of your property.

Commercial, Industrial, Farm, Automobiles and Marine Vessels

A much longer life for the Equipment – By protecting the metal, it will
 ensure longer serviceability of the equipments.

A safer Equipment – By protecting the metal welds and other key areas,
 your equipment’s structural integrity will be kept stronger and thus safer.
A better looking Equipment – By preventing corrosion to your equipment’s
 body, of course it will look better.

Higher re-sale value – When it comes time to sell your equipment, a “rust-
 free” equipment always gets more money.  Also, the buyer will have peace
 of mind.
A better functional Equipment – By keeping the rust away from the
 equipment, the equipment will function properly all the time.
Reduce Maintenance Cost To prevention corrosion form on your
 equipment, it will reduce unwanted maintenance cost and
reduce the capital
Environmental Protection
By prolonging the like span of materials, it
 helps to reduce the amount of waste materials and consequently reduce
 burden to the landfills.




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